Strength and Conditioning Research the TL;DR (too long didn’t read) version – Feubuary 2014



The Importance of maximal leg strength and drop jump performance

  • 15 female rugby players where tested for 1RM, Counter movment jump, Squat Jump and Drop jumps from various heights.
  • The players where split into strong groups (1 RM > body weight) and weak group (1RM < body weight)
  • The authors reported a strong relationship between performance at drop jumps of 84cm in height and 1RM Strength.

TL;DR – If you want to do drop jumps from a high height (>84cm) get strong first.


Measuring Vertical jump height using a high speed camera

  • Researchers looked at jump flight time and worked out the height using a high speed camera recording at 240 frames per second and Kinovea video analysis software.
  • They also used an infrared platform for an independent marker of jump height.
  • 25 participants performed 125 jumps which where then analysed by two participants with no experience using video analysis software.
  • The researchers found a near perfect co-relation between the infra-red platform measurements and the values found by the video analysis.

TL;DR – Get yourself a high speed camera and Kineova and you instantly have a highly accurate and repeatable jump measuring tool.



Bite Alignment Mouth guard and Strength and Power

  • Researchers looked at the effect on acute jump height and 1RM bench press on 21 recreationally trained males.
  • Participants performed the conditions with the mouth piece and without the mouth piece and their performance in each conditions was compared.
  • The researchers reported no significant difference in any of the conditions.

TL;DR – Mouth guards are good for contact sports and not for bench pressing.


The effects of strength and speed training on pre pubertal soccer players.

  • 24 soccer players between the ages of 8 and 9 where randomly asigned to 2 groups control group (3 soccer sessions a week) and strength training (3 soccer sessions as well as strength and speed sessions).
  • At the base line measurements were taken for 15m sprint time, counter movement jump, Yo-Yo test and Flexibility.
  • Strength training group seen increases in CMJ (+6.72%), YO-YO (+49.75%) and Flexibility (+7.26%).  While control group de trained (i.e. got worse) in jump and Yo-Yo scores.
  • Reserachers also found a good negative co-relation between jump scores and 15m sprints (good jump means quicker sprint time).
  • Good negative co-relation was also found between Yo-Yo and 15-sprint (run faster and do better at intermittent sprinting task).

TL;DR – Strength and speed training makes children fitter and increases their flexibility and jump ability.


 The acute effects of Conventional, Complex and Contrast training on lower body power.

  • 18 recreational trained men took part in 5 randomised training protocols.
  1. Conventional – 3 sets of 4 jumps / 2 min rest
  2. Contrast – 4 sets of 4 squat (5 RM Load) or 5 second isometric hold alternated with 4 jumps / 4 min rest
  3. Complex – 3 sets of 4 reps or either squat or squat where all performed then 3 sets of jumps.
  • A peak power and average power output was recorded from each jump session from every session.
  • Conventional protocol produced the highest peak powers.

TL;DR – If your a recreationally trained athlete and want to get the most out of your jump training perform it first in the session or on it’s own.



The cardiovascular effect of using the wii as a training tool

  • Two groups took part in the experiment those who exercise at high intensities (n=11) and those who exercise at low intensities (n=11).
  • They recorded Heart rate, Rate of precived exertion and some mood scales after the exercise bouts.
  • Conditions included – treadmill walking, upright cycling and wii sports.
  • Heart rates and RPEs where higher for traditional exercise when compared to wii games.  Wii boxing was the most effective exercise out of the games.
  • Rates of enjoyment where higher for the Wii games.

TL;DR – Wii isn’t just a shit last generation console it is also less effective than walking on a treadmill.  Another reason to be a permanent part of the glorious PC gamer master race.