3 things I learned recovering form injury


In July 2013 I snapped some shit up in my hip real bad. It has taken me from then till February to deadlift 260 kg a weight now I am willing to venture I am over my injury it was a learning experience to say the least. Here are the 3 keystone lessons I am taking away from this experience.

1 – Seek professional help immediately 

I fucked about for 4 months without seeing a physio since starting work with a professional sports team I have had access to a team of talented physiotherapists who have helped me immensely with only 3-4 visits I was practically over the injury when I started to see them and they have helped me a lot.  If I had seen them in the first place I am certain they would have expedited the process greatly.

2 – Soft Tissue work and Mobility/Flexibility are almost as important if not more important than your strength training.

I would say the amount of athletes I have seen that can achieve a full squat position with good form is in a very small minority, so if athletes can’t achieve correct positions then the rest of us are properly fucked.  I am currently putting in around 2-3 hours of mobility and release work a week but I think I could up this up by 1-2 hours to see more benefits. Free muscles and joints promote efficiency, efficiency prompts more weight and safer lifting.  Literally win win.

Maybe try yoga it will not be exactly lifting specific but it is structured and might make you better at adhering to it.

3 – There is a lot of noise in prehab work but some of the things you find in it can help a lot

Not really much to expand on here except to try different things as a lot of different drills and stretches might help your situation out or at least provide temporary relief the more tools in your box the more likly you are to find one to fit a certain situation.