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I created this blog and website because I was f**ked off with the current state of the fitness and “performance” industry. 

What I wanted to create with Cast Iron Strength was a place where people could go to learn about Strength Training, Conditioning and Nutrition under three conditions:

1. You are not talked down to like a child or slapped over the face with marketing speak and hyperbole trying to sell you some bulls**t powder or fitness gimmick.

2. Where you aren’t having needless over complication and overtly “sciencey” sh**e rammed down your throat to help make the Author (aka me) seem smart which would be a pretty f**king hard task let me assure you.  It’s hard to sound just smart when you are a motherf**king GENIUS [/humble brag].

3. A website you can visit and not only learn about how to do things (rather than the theory behind the theory) but also have some fun at the same time.  I am me when I am in front of the camera, coaching clients or writing articles and I encourage any of our authors or coaches to be the same.

Cast Iron Strength Online Coaching

I can help to get you strong, not just strong but strong as f**k, I’m not a one trick pony but I do have a special trick and it’s called getting you gains like it’s going out of fashion.

Cast Iron Strength Online coaching isn’t a one to many, cookie cutter take this plan I wrote 12 months ago and this ebook I sh*t out in 23 minutes kind of coaching experience.  Every single person that I work with has a different experience because everyone is a wonderful unique snowflake…. I mean we value an individualised approach because that’s what gets results!

And if we weren’t good at getting results then we wouldn’t be asking for you to part with your hard earned dollar, Bitcoin, pound sterling or whatever you wish to use as a store of value.

What I am here to provide you is an online Coaching Experience, a lot of places will claim to be coaches but what they are in reality is a one to many regurgitation of the same information.  Look I am not going to claim that the principals of training or nutrition are going to change from one person to the next because they aren’t however what I do promise is that when we work together you will get my attention and expertise.

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