Hello, my name is Alistair and welcome to Cast Iron Rehab.

As a long-time powerlifter with a keen interest in strength and power sports, I understand injuries can happen as part of the process, I also understand how difficult it can be to find the help you need to recover from and avoid injuries from a professional who can truly relate to what you do.

Many of us have been told to stop lifting or avoid lifting anything remotely strenuous or even stop our sport all together, by a professional who has never touched a barbell or played any form of sport before. 

This lack of specific support has been my motivation for Cast Iron Rehab, so I can provide a unique service in Edinburgh of ongoing injury management/ prevention and performance coaching for those that value their sporting and lifting performance. My goal is to have the most relatable service for sports people and athletes and to getting you back to doing what you do best.

My goal is also to provide a service that mimics that which is offered in professional sports to recreational athletes in the most cost effective way possible. I also offer performance coaching with integrated physiotherapy management.

So if you would like to see a qualified professional with plenty of coaching and high-level lifting experience who can out-lift every other healthcare professional in Scotland please get in touch through this website or through Instagram or Facebook.



Physiotherapy BSc (hons)

Sport and Exercise Science BSc Hons 

Chartered Physiotherapist with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy 

Fully HCPC Registered Healthcare Professional


Current MSK Physiotherapist with a specialist interest in Sports Injuries

MSK Physiotherapy within the NHS

Powerlifting Coach at Edinburgh Barbell and Cast Iron Strength beginner workshops


Holder of various Powerlifting records and titles

Best Lifts

Squat 330kg x 5

Bench Press 222.5kg 

Deadlift 340kg x 5