Work with an Online Coaching Company that actually gives a f**k.

Cast Iron Strength Online coaching isn’t a one to many, cookie cutter take this plan I wrote 12 months ago and this ebook I shat out in 23 minutes kind of coaching experience.  Every single person that I work with has a different experience because everyone is a wonderful unique snowflake…. I mean we value an individualised approach because that’s what gets results!

And if we weren’t good at getting results then we wouldn’t be asking for you to part with your hard earned dollar, Bitcoin, pound sterling or whatever you wish to use as a store of value. You can check out some testimonials of people we work with or have worked with here.

Online Coaching The Ultimate Coaching Package
£ 100 per month
Yearly Plan
Individualised Training Tailored For You
Training Plans Sent Weekly
Constant Contact Via WhatsApp Messenger
Video Analysis And Technique Refinement
Nutritional Planning And Advice

Work with a coach and not a cheerleader. Cast Iron Strength is here to make you better not to make you feel better.

An individualised and perodised programme we take into account your goals and the time frames involved in those goals to come up with a realistic plan to enable you to achieve what it is you want to achieve.

A programme that adapts to your situation, unlucky and pick up a niggle or injury no hassle we will help you to work around your issues.

Help with every aspect of your training – planning, strength training, power, speed, sports specific planning, nutrition and constant technical feedback.

Communication via WhatsApp we utilise a mixture of IM, Video and voice feedback to ensure that you get the information you need in a way in which you can best understand it.

Have a one stop shop for all of your training and nutrition related queries and problems from a source you know you can trust to give you the low down on what works.

My name is Marc Keys and I am as about as awesome as it is possible to be without violating the law [/humble brag].  If you want to learn more about me then check out the ‘About Marc’ section of the website.

What I am here to provide you is an online Coaching Experience, a lot of places will claim to be coaches but what they are in reality is a one to many regurgitations of the same information.  Look I am not going to claim that the principals of training or nutrition are going to change from one person to the next because they aren’t however what I do promise is that when we work together you will get my attention and expertise.

Talk to me and we can see if we would be a good fit.  Some people don’t like my personality and I hope you will get a sense of that from my content online.  There isn’t really a technical problem related to training that I can’t help with so Make an enquiry and we can start the conversation.

I endeavour to reply to all requests in 24 hours of the initial correspondence.