Hi, My Name is Marc

That's me trapped under all of that heavy ass steel trying to get up, that is also me purveying that fine Bavarian Beverage

Who the F**k is Marc Keys and why should I listen to his overweight bearded ass?

I’m not just some dumb kid I’m a trained strength and conditioning coach don’t you know.

Let’s put it this way I’m not some jack ass who decided to chuck up a website to make some easy money off gullible ATMs…. I mean clients.

I’m a jaded, ageing, balding, old experienced Jackass.

I have been there, done that and got the T-Shirt.  Unlike the majority of people, you’re probably reading articles by on the internet I’m not fresh out of college or have never lifted a heavy weight in my life.

I have been working in Elite sport for over a decade and have actually achieved some things of note with my own lifters and with myself.  I’m not saying this to brag (well obviously I am a little! Humble brag tho, I am a humble guy….).

I’d like you to know that the things you read on this blog are taken from real world success that I have gotten with hundreds of professional/elite athletes and thousands of lifters.  I am not claiming to have worked with “elite” athletes because I did a week shadowing of a programme and sniffed Usain Bolt’s shorts once, I am the real deal y’all [/humble brag].

The TL;DR of my 13 years of lifting stuff up and putting it down

I’d like to preface this by saying I have never taken any kind of performance enhancing drug or steroid.  People make this claim all of the time but I’m not talking shit.  People who take steroids like to say it’s not that much of a big deal but trust me when I say they are talking absolute shite.

In 2001 I saw two of my friends with their shirts off at the beach who had been on bodybuilding.com and lifting weights for the past 12 months; it was then that I realised that I didn’t even lift.

Early in 2012 I got an oh fuck, nut up or shut up phone call.  I was informed I had a place in team GB for the upcoming IPF Classic Worlds (the first raw IPF world championship).  One issue I was down for the 93kg class and I weighed in at 114kg when I took that phone call.

Long story short I made weight had an awesome period of training and dieting going from 114 kg to 92.8 kg or a loss of 21.2kg or 47lbs in roughly 16 weeks.  When I went back on the Fuck It Diet and gained some better size than last time.

Cue 3 years of trying to look like I lift without reading anything or seeking help and getting absolutely nowhere with it.  In late 2004 I discovered T-Nation and found out that nutrition was a thing and learned a bit about programming.  I spent the next 4 years eating low carb and getting to a “reasonable” level of size and strength.  Also known as the emancipated with abs, couldn’t even squat 5 plates phase of my life.

In 2009 I discovered the Fuck it approach to nutrition and put on some size and strength.  I set a bunch of powerlifting records and won a bunch of competitions.

I also got better at lifting stuff, currently, I am competing in the 120kg class and trying to work my way up the Rankings in Britain.  Here is me benching 400lbs for 10 reps [/humble brag].

But for all of my escapades as a lifter and general lover of the tin hoisting, my passion lies in coaching, It’s the thing I am bestestest at in the whole world and it’s how I ply my seedy trade in the world.

You can check out more about my coaching here.

I’ll save you the 1500 words of copy and hopefully, you will get the sense that I’m not some dribbling baffoon or trying to make a quick buck from the articles, videos and podcasts I put out.

Thanks for taking the time to check out our little corner of the internet and hopefully you can find the time to spend more time with us in the SOCIAL MEDIAS!!!!

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