Get stronger, stop dealing with dickheads and forget about being confused about training ever again.

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This isn’t just a gym this is a training service. We take you from where you are right now to where you want to be.

A gym offers a place to train, we offer you solutions. Regardless of the membership, you take from us somewhere to train, a program to follow and coaching is included as standard.

Cast Iron Strength is a place where

  • those who train for performance or want to see change achieve their goals.
  • beginners get off on the right foot and set themselves up for a long and successful training career.
  • if you get injured we help you to maximize your time work on what you can and help you rehab back to full health
  • where things are done in the most optimal manner where possible and you are guided in the most efficient methods for achieving your goal.
  • where if you want to train hard you will be encouraged not reprimanded.
  • Everyone is welcome as long as you are coming to train towards a goal, wanting to work hard and like having a laugh in the process.
  • where we don’t suffer dickheads.

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We operate on a monthly membership basis you can look at our options below, for more information on membership options you can get in touch.

Edinburgh Barbell Membership – our base membership which gives you access to

  • Access to all group sessions
  • Coaching in sessions.
  • Access to one of our periodized group programs which update and change every month.
  • Free access to our Yoga classes

Cast Iron Strength Membership – our top membership this gives you access to everything in the Edinburgh Barbell membership and more

  • A weekly individual periodized program which is tailored to your needs, schedule, and goals.
  • Nutrition consultation when you first join with our nutrition service provider Realistic Nutrition (available upon request).
  • Help with injury and rehab with the first consultation with a physiotherapist included (if you use one of our approved providers).
  • Remote feedback and consultation via Watts app
  • Access to coaching calls upon request.
  • Access to all group sessions
  • Coaching in sessions.
  • Free access to our Yoga classes

Bespoke one to one training packages is available for those who really want to maximize their time. To learn more check out our one to one coaching page (under construction).

More about the gym

Location – 10 Swanfield, EH6 5RX

We are a small independant strength and conditioning facility we house the following equipment

  • 5 Racks
  • Rogue and Eleiko Bars
  • Rogue, Eleiko and Nelco Weights – a mixture of weightlifting bumpers and competition powerlifting plates.
  • 1 competition size Weightlifting Platform
  • 2 Deadlift platforms
  • 3 flat benches
  • 1 incline bench
  • Selection of Dumbbells for 3-40kg
  • Bench Row
  • Yoke, Safety Squat Bar, Farmers Walk, Speed Sled, Prowler Trap bar and various other specialty bars.

We are constantly adding and updating our training equipment and are happy to look at purchasing equipment to help our members achieve their training goals.


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