Three common problems in a strength programme that can easily be avoided



1 – Lifting too heavy.

This might seem counter-intuitive to most people but there is only so much 95% lifting people can do and see consistent progression.  Working for maximal weight or maximal effort in reps every week or workout is a good way of getting stronger in a short period of time or an excellent way to peak but if your interested in long term sustainable goals this is not a good stratagem.


Concentrate on the amount of meaningful volume – 80-95% of 1RM you perform in a week and concentrate on increasing this in a systematic manner.

2 – Not paying attention to technique

Technique = efficiency; efficiency = strength.

If your technique isn’t optimal for your body shape and flexibility levels than you are leaving easily gained KGs or LBs on the table that can be taken with a little bit of studying, help or experimentation.

Solution – get a coach or chat to some experienced lifters.

3 – Paying too much attention to meaningless noise.

Those glute activation drills you spend 20 mins doing prior to your 60 Min session aren’t making you stronger, the 40 mins you spend doing accessory work during your 60 minute workout is not helping to drive up the numbers of your keystone lifts.  If you want to get good at something or be the best you can be then boil everything down to it’s minimalistic and most effective form.

Solution – Cut out the shite and do more of the things you want to get better at.

If you want to squat more and squat one day in the week for 3 sets then you might not be doing all you can do to be getting better at squats.

168 hours a week.

20 mins spent doing squats.

0.001% of your weekly time being spent on something doesn’t sound like a good way of getting better to me.