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Lean Machine – Update 4 – Mini Goal #2; Purging the binge.

1324301226243I am now on my 20th day of logging my caloric intake and the data is proving pretty much what I expected but not to the level I expected.  I knew the excess that I enjoyed so much during the weekend was in no doubt killing off my progress when it came to not looking like a melted wellington boot but I had no idea how much I was eating above the week (that is a lie I knew it pretty well I just didn’t want to admit it!).

Logging my caloric intake will definitely remain as one of my 4 mini goals because I am not totally accurate with it.  I am doing it regularly but it is not religiously so it must remain one of my goals.  I am going to make a couple of amendments to it namely

– I am going to log my alcohol under the snack category so I can see it in isolation.

– I am going to log everything immediately after I eat it so it becomes a habit.

Looking at some graphs.


As you can see I am under my target of 2700 kcal for each day except for 2 days in the week when I have what might be a cheat day in someone else’s diet but for me it is a pretty much do what ever the fuck you want to do day.

Obviously if you are on point 5 days out of 7 but the 2 days out of 7 are putting you over your weekly calorie goal by 400-2000 kcal then you probably need to readjust the amount of lean way you are giving yourself. 🙁

Anyone who knows me will appreciate the amount of excess I am capable of falling to if given any sort of licence to do so as an example here is the dinner I had on Sunday night after watching the Glasgow sevens with James and Mark.

1 pint tiger beer


Steak tar tar with salad and dressing accompanied by 1x glass of wine and some of Mark’s scotch.


500g Rump on the bone, chips, steak and pepper sauce, prawns and onion rings.  Accompanied by 2x glass of wine


300g sirloin steak, mashed potatoes, pepper sauce. Accompanied by 1x glass of wine.


That was at a reasonably expensive restaurant so when I either cook for myself, get in a buffet situation or eat somewhere reasonable things get hairy quickly.  Add that with an over enthusiastic fondness for beer and we are talking some serious calorie consumption.

I am not a normal person.

I don’t think, you know what I have had enough now I will stop.  Whatever the reasons for my adult behaviour If I enjoy something I have a tendency to do far to much of it.  The other option is I do none of it, moderation may as well be which craft as far as I am concerned on a day to day basis.

This is why in the past diets are either all encompassing life changing missions that are successful or a few words about what I am going to change and do followed by catastrophic meltdown.

That is why I am engaging in a behaviour centred goal setting approach to it so I can just focus on a few things that will lead me down to the place I want to be.

So to this end I am focusing on goal #2

Only allow myself ONE HALF DAY in which I can do what ever I want.  I must be a reasonable functioning human being 6.5 days out of 7.

Surely I can manage to not be a mess of gluttony for that amount of time…. time will tell.


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