Clean Pull From High Blocks

Start of pull.

End of Pull


Set up blocks so you can assume the correct second pull (power) position for the clean.

Take a clean grip (half a thumb in from the knurling)

Bend your knees under the bar until you are in correct position.

Make sure you are long up top (traps and arms relaxed) and have your chest out.

Shoulders should be in line with the Bar.


Think of initiating the pull from the shoulders (shrug).

Simultaneously extend at the hip and knee with your weight over the middle of your foot (back of the ball).

Keep the bar close and arms relaxed till you hit the top of the pull.


When you hit the top of the shrug break at the hip and let the bar fall back to the blocks.


This exercise can be used to teach a beginner lifter how to perform the second pull properly during a clean. It may also be used as an assistance exercise for lifters looking to develop their second pull however caution should be taken when choosing loads 110-120% of Clean 1RM is a good guide.

When using loads greater than 120% bar speed and lift mechanics are altered to the point that the exercise stops resembling a second pull and carry over will lessen.

This is an excellent exercise to develop explosive hip and knee extension for athletes that require such attributes.

Form must not break down too much during this exercise as timing and other issues will negatively effect the pull.
Straps should also be worn so grip does not become a limiting factor.
Pulls may be performed form the floor, hang or blocks (of various heights) these will be touched on in due course.