Book Review – Bad Science

Bad Science is a book written by Ben Goldacre of www.badscience.net. In the book he takes a look at a number of topics that all relate in some way to either a misuse of the scientific method or the blatant ignorance that pervades into modern society and the media.

During the introduction to the book you are brought through a check list of how to put together a good trial and using this new found knowledge the author takes you through a whistle stop tour of “alternative therapies” such as homeopathy.

As the book goes on Mr. Goldacre takes a look at a number of scams and incidences where the scientific has been bastardised or ignored.

Through out the book he takes both an informative and humorous look at some howlers like Gillian McKeith of channel 4 fame to multi million vitamin pill peddles who are muddying the waters in Aids torn Africa with their nonsense.

This book is a marvellously relevant and very lucid look at the world of nonsense. During the book the reader will be provided with the tools necessary to detect good trials from bad trails.

The sections on “nutrition” and media hoaxes make for particularly compelling reading.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone.