Power/Rate of Force Development and the Squat Clean

Peak Power Output Squat Clean.

Rate of Force Development Squat Clean

As can be seen when included with the previous trails carried out by the author (i.e. me) it would appear that the power clean would produce higher rates of RFD and PP. The 70% was a bad trial and from personal experience every rep after 70% was with not the best of most repeatable form.

I have already carried out a trial for post activation potential on the power clean and found a statistically significant increase (in one subject haha). The data from that trial and a comparison graph will follow.

The use of RFD using muscle lab is pretty unreliable due to it’s “analogue” nature as far as I am aware their is no way of producing a spreadsheet where one could accurately plot the start of the rise of the curve and the peak.

Muscle lab seems like a repeatable measure however for peak power.

The next step will be to come up with a protocol and carry it out on more lifters for the power clean against squat clean conditions.

Till next time.