Home Nations Challenge 2011

On Saturday the 25th of October 2011 Scotland played host to teams from Wales and England for the annual home countries challenge.  I was lifting for Scotland.

Weigh in – Was 105.9 I had time to sweat it off but I was told that there wasn’t much point since there was no one in the 120s and it would be soft points.

Squat Warm Up (4 hours after weigh in lol)

bar 2×5
70kg x 5
120kg x 2
150kg x 2
180kg x 1
200kg x 1
Belt On
220kg x 1
Belt and Wraps on
240kg x 1


250kg – three whites – easy enough

260kg – Miss – kicked my arse up out of the bottom apparently I can’t good morning 260

Passed Third Attempt
Bench Press

40kg x 5
100kg x 2 (paused)
140kg x 2 (paused)
175kg x 1 (3 second pause)


185kg – Three whites – easy enough

195kg – Miss – Got it off my chest just too heavy for today need to get my arch better so I can dig in better when weights get hard from chest to triceps if I could have set up my gym arch I would have gotten it easy.

Passed Third


bar x 5
70kg x 5
120kg x 3
170kg x 3
220kg x 2
Belt On
240kg x 1 (really fast)


260kg – Three Whites – Felt harder than it should have.
280kg – Three Whites – Solid enough but comfyish (+5kg to comp dead PB)
290kg – Miss – Got it moving to my knees but not there just tired I think.

Total – 715kg (+5kg to wraps only PB)

1st Place in the 120s (forever alone)

Biggest total and second on wilks.

Finishing team order –

1 – England
2 – Scotland
3 – Wales.

Reasonable comp good to see some old faces and help out some new ones.  Onwards and Upwards.