Gym Related Purchases Almost No One Regrets.

Weightlifting Shoes

You wouldn’t try and play rugby in a pair of slippers or go scuba diving in a pair of vibrams, just because something is possible isn’t a reason for it to happen.  If you want to squat through a full range of motion or perform the olympic lifts in a pair of shoes that aren’t going to cause you to shatter your ankle weightlifting shoes are a great purchase.  A lot of people who can’t squat the bar with out feeling awkward go straight to feeling comfortable moving into a full squat just by slipping into a pair of shoes.  If your on the fence on whether or not to buy a pair, buy them now.


Don’t pay any attention to the grip heros who look down from atop their broscience tower on people who use straps in their training if you are a competitive powerlifter there can be an argument made for not using straps for everyone else not really.  Your hips and knees are way stronger than your grip will ever be so why have a lesser workout because someone on the internet likes grip training, wear straps and tax your strong muscle groups.  Wait till you tear a callous off then you will be glad you have a pair in your bag.

A good powerlifting belt.

If your going to get a belt you may as well get something that is going be good for something other than being a fashion accessory.  Neoprene or tapered belt don’t really offer a lot of support a good 10-13mm powerlifing belt can add 10-25 kg onto your main lifts depending on how you wear it and how you lift.  If you are in the position to spend money on a good belt than please spend as much as you are comfortable on a good brand of belt as it will last you for years (I’ve had mine for 5 now).

Knee Sleeves

If you have bad knees or squat 3+ times a week these little beauties can make warming up so much easier it takes about 2 sets with the bar to get your knees good and sweaty, the compression can also help with any pain you might suffer from.  It is possible to become a bit to reliant on them because they are so nice.

Lifting Chalk

Almost nothing on the planet is more infuriating than showing up to the gym ready for a good back or deadlift session tunes in the headphones, pre-workedouted off your tits and then you reach in your gym bag or you look in the chalk bin and there is no chalk to be seen!  Night ruined.  Having chalk on hand is essential to stop your sweaty ass palms getting in the road of your lifting no amount of “raw gripz strenght” can get you out of having sweaty palms.  Also it stops you being that guy who constantly asks to borrow everyone else’s chalk the welfare scrounger of the free weights gym.

A good pair of headphones

Stop spending 10 quid on your headphones trust me stop doing it now.  IN 2012 I ponied up some money and bought a mid range set of headphones I will never again as long as I can afford it have a cheap pair of headphones.  You don’t have to spend 300 quid on a fashion statement but a decent set of in ear or cans can stop annoying people talking to you or can really help accentuate that beat drop.

Nice tasting protein powder.

If your going to waste your money on your piss smelling like nitrogen then it may as well taste nice go for something a bit pricier or that you know is drinkable without activating your gag reflex as it makes life that little bit more pleasant.

Good Steak

If your going to exist on a high protein diet than that protein may as well taste like an chocolate orgasm in your mouth.  A good butcher is a man or woman’s best friend unless your a veggie in which case enjoy your lentils.