32 Weeks to become a better lifter – Phase 1 – Building a base

In the run up to the launch of my new training website which will go live at castiornstrength.com some time in the next month or two I will keep you informed as I progress.  I am going to take advantage of some of the materials I have been producing on my new YouTube channel (Speed Power Fitness) and put together a pretty comprehensive strength programme. It will be aimed at anyone who isn’t either A – a rank novice or B – a top flight strength athlete.  To allow for the biggest audience possible.
This programme is the combination of 2 or 3 years of experimenting with myself and others using different approaches to see what fits where and how different people respond to different programmes.  I think I have come up with something that should work well for most people.  
I have used elements of this programme to improve 300+kg squats and deadlifts, 200kg + bench presses and also to programme for 60 kg squats, 40 kg bench presses and 100 kg deadlifts.  During my time messing around I have seen it work for pretty much everyone except for the rank novice if you are a complete beginner you might want to look at some linear programmes such as starting strength or madcows 5×5, I will produce my own in time but those programmes are a great starting point.
This programme will be realised in phases over the coming month each phase will last for 8 weeks and will incorporate a variety of approaches.  A spreadsheet will be provided for each block with calculators that will work out the appropriate loads for the exercises.  The four eight week phases and their goals follow :-
Phase 1 – Building a Base – Goals – to become a stronger lifter sans support of a belt or knee wraps.
Phase 2 – Building new strength – Goals – to go back to your old lifting habits (belt or knee wraps and build new Personal Bests)
Phase 3 – Building a bigger base – Goals – To take one step back to allow for some recovery and to prepare for the intense phase of the programme
Phase 4 – Peak strength – to use the momentum gained in the last 24 weeks to push yourself on to much higher levels of strength than you have previously achieved.          
We are going to layout the programming for phase 1 in this instalment I myself have just finished the first 8 week block and have moved onto Phase 2 and am really feeling pretty good at the minute.

Phase 1 – Building a Base – The programme

Everyone who trains knows the feeling of coming back from a lay off or an imposed 2-3 weeks of down time due to holiday or enforced rest due to illness or injury.  After that initial humbling period of lighter weights and wishing you never took time off it, if you are anything like me by the time you get round to lifting weights that are in and around your old working weights you will notice they are easier and you can progress to higher levels of strength without the same old stagnation.
That is because the rest can let your joints, ligaments  tendons and even for some people your mind catch up to what you have been doing in training.  A lot of people (I know I have been guilty of this in the past) think you have to work at maximal capacity all of the time to get stronger.  Whilst of course we do need to work maximally to get stronger you can do it more efficiently and productively if you plan out your phases.  
The first 8 weeks of the programme are deliberately at a lower intensity, the loss of the belt means the programme will still be physically demanded but lifting sans support gear can help you strengthen up your body at it’s own pace.  It is also a chance to maybe take some time to get better at the skill of lifting, the volume will remain high for all lifts for the majority of the block and thus more time under the bar will hopefully let you acquire some more practice.     
The aim of the programme is to get you stronger at – 
  • Clean
  • Back Squat
  • Deadlift
  • Bench Press
  • Overhead Press
  • whilst hammering your Pulling and Trunk muscles to allow for more injury free training.
The programme will take place over a 7 day week and is already done in what I have found to be the best split to allow you to recover session to session.
What sets this programme apart from the other 25 million templates out there?

  • This is a 32 week programme that will be given out free of charge, no strings, just gainz.
  • This programme provides an actual perodised approach based off your strength levels right now and will let you progress past what you have done in the past. 
  • This programme comes with detailed demonstration of the exercises just click on the demonstration button below the exercise.
  • To take part all you need is yourself a barbell and some weights.
  • This programme is designed for everyone who isn’t a complete beginner and it has worked for some of the strongest naturals in the UK it has also worked for some of the weakest.
  • No gimmicks, just hard work and progress

You can download or edit your own copy from here 

Simply click the make a copy button to create your very own in your google drive or if you want a local copy just click the download as button and choose the appropriate format.

We will end our little introduction here.  It is not my intention for this programme to be my usual communication and discussion on the nuts and bolts of an approach.  This is a tried and tested system that has worked for a wide population of lifters in the real world.  I have discussed some of the details of the programming used in the last few years many of those themes and discussions will manifest themselves over the coming blocks. 

If you have any feedback or any questions leave a comment or e-mail – speedpowerperformance@gmail.com
Hope you enjoy the programme and see you next time.