What’s Important?

Sometimes in life you get a bit of news or have a conversation that instils a moment of clarity. 
Suddenly you can see above everything in your life and in that instant you know what’s important to you and what is the meaningless noise that surrounds you on a daily basis.
When you get such a moment be it heaven forbid bad news about a loved one or be it that you all of a sudden snap too and realise that your not doing every thing you can in life to make the most of it.  Sit up and take notice, these are the moments in life when you can turn things around and seize the moment.  Change isn’t found in the bottom of a bottle, it isn’t found vicariously through others the onus is on you to take what you have and make the most of it.
I know with in about 5 minutes of  talking to someone if they are truly passionate about what they do.   These are the people you need to hold onto in your life.   People will come and go from your life.  But the people who share your passion or the people who empower you with the drive and clarity to help you better realise your goals and passions these are the people who make life worthwhile.
Maybe take some time to yourself and really think about this question it is six simple word’s but it’s impact on your life and happiness if answered honestly can be incalculable.
What is really important to me?
If I woke up tomorrow and these things where taken from me, my life would be much worse without them.  It might be a hobby, an aspect of your life, a loved one or a group of people or a place where you feel at home.  
Once you have clarified in your head what you want or what you want to hold on to ask yourself this.
In the last 7 days what have I done to better achieve my wants or strengthen my bonds to what I hold important?

If the answer to this question is not to your liking do something about it.  We are not on this planet for a long time, for all we know the only chance we get to be a sentient being.

If you have things in your life you regret not doing or if your not best fulfilling the relationships in your life that mean everything to you do something about it.
Make a change now before apathy get’s it’s rotten vines back into your mind.
Make a change before regret get’s a chance to infest your life.
Make a change before it’s too late.
Now is the time to sieze what you want for tomorrow there is no guarantee.