Weight Training for Flexibility?

In this months issue of the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research (JSCR) a study entitled “Influence of moderately intense resistance training on flexibility in young sedentary women” by Elisa Santos peaked my interest.

During the study they looked at the effect of 8 weeks of strength training on various flexibility measures in young sedentary women (n=24). They split them into 3 groups alternated strength group (upper and lower alternating/n=8), anta

gonistic supersets group (push and pull/n=8) and control (n=8).

They tested 1RM bench press and 8 different flexibility measures at base line and then 8 weeks after the intervention. All weight training was carried out on machine weights and used multiple sets of 10-12 reps. For trunk exercises 15-20 reps was used.

After 8 weeks of training the following results where produced:

(Click to view image in full size)

As you can see strength training produced a greater enhancement in flexibility and strength than control AST had a grater effect than AA in all areas. Bearing in mind the population it is pretty hard to extrapolate this to trained individuals, however it does go to put another nail in one of the old myths that weight training makes people “stiff”.