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The idiot proof programme for getting strong as fuck cuz.

We can talk all day about science, rational thinking, physiology et al what ever floats your boat, hell I love it. One of my favorite things is to either delve into some real science (evolutionary biology being a particular favorite) written or delivered by real scientists or picking holes in the arguments put forward pseudo scientists and morons.

But when it comes down to the brass tacks of getting big or strong in the gym all that matters REALLY matters is putting the fucking work in. You can follow any crazy ass programme you want but at the end of the day what separates those who succeed and those that don’t is effort.

Slapping some more weight on the bar or slapping another rep on a set. What I will be presenting is not a programme backed up by science or reason it is an easy as fuck template you can take away slap in some exercises into and work your ass off and see results guaranteed.

If you follow a template like this and look for either a rep personal best (hence PB or a personal record for our american brothers) of a weight PB at the given top set range you will see results. No question.

The Template

I am presenting a three day template that can be used for a lot of the lifting population.

That’s it in all it’s glory. Now I will walk through programme particulars.


This is a word I dislike for being both fuzzy and overcomplicated at the same time however it will serve as a purpose.

Blocks – Blocks should be taken in 4 to 6 weeks before exercise selection is varied.

Deloads – Deloads are self selected if you feel like shit on a day either move the workout to later in the week and if that is not an option take an easy session.

Loading – Loading from week to week should all be by feel however your aim is to do either MORE weight or reps for each exercise, EVERY week, EVERY session, EVERY exercise. (unless on self selected deload).

Tempo – Tempo is an inane idea invented by charlatans control the weight down with in reason (but NOT deliberately slow) and fire it up as hard as you can. Simples.

Exercise Selection – Choose lifts you want to improve or areas you wish to improve I’m not going to say YOU HAVE to do unilateral movements. If you want a fucking massive chest and fuck off big arms go for it just FOLLOW the template so you have a Push (DB BENCH) and slot in a pull (DB ROW) that way you won’t end up looking like a mongoaloid.

Rest – Go when your ready again, controlling rest times is only applicable for those on a tight schedule, those doing conditioning or faggots.

EFFORT – Put in 100% on every set you cunt!

Performing the sessions and using the template.

3 Work outs with at least 1 day separating each.

Exercise Selection and “supersets”

Superset A

You perform one of the AHEM “big three” on each of the three days so it could be

Day 1 – Bench, Day 2 – Squat, Day 3 – Deadlift. or
Day 1 – Squat, Day 2 – Bench, Day 3 – Deadlift. or
Day 1 – Deadlift, Day 2 – Squat, Day 3 – Bench. etc.

Just choose the order that works best for what you want to work on, the only prohibition I would place on the choosing of the exercises would be don’t do the same exercise 3 times in a week.

You are looking to work up to a top set which shall be a weight PB in the 1-5 Rep range.

So say I was looking to beat my previous best bench of 110kg x 2

Sets might look like – Bar x 10, 60kg x 8, 70kg x 8, 80kg x 6, 100kg x 3, 110kg x 3

Just don’t make massive jumps near your top set.

Drop Sets – in the same day I might be looking to beat my previous drops set and Rep PB so if I did 90kg x 7 last time I would be shooting for at least 8 this time.

Supersets B and C

These are auxiliary paired exercise’s that should pair complement each other examples.

Quad – Hammy/Glute
Bicep – Tricep
Chest – Back
Shoulders – Upperback/Rear Delt
Calf – Calf

They are performed in the same manner as the previous lift but to a higher range of reps for more volume/hypertrophy effect.

Abdominal Exercise

This is one exercise done for 5×10 and it should be one organised the following

Day 1 – Flextion or Extension, Day 2 – Posture, Day 3 – Rotation or Extension (see my ab blogs for details –

Well thats enough gibber jabba for one night I’m away for a beer.

Till next time.


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