Ten things “normal” people do, that you should avoid like the plague – Part 1.

Do you ever get the feeling that you’re just coasting through life going from work, heading home watching TV, heading to bed and before you know it another 5 years have passed and the only thing that has changed is you are fatter and older now?  This isn’t the default way of being it’s just what people in western society seem to deem as normal.  Well, normal is fucking poison and you should avoid it at every cost because if you don’t snap the fuck out of being normal you’re going to find yourself on your deathbed sometime in the non to distant future wondering where all the time went.  My barometer of something being a good idea or not is if lots of people do it, if lots of people do something than to me it’s a fucking terrible idea

Habit 1 – Not Exercising

In a recent survey of Americans, the Centre for disease control determined that 80% of Americans do not do any exercise.  Read that again 80% of the 323,100,000 people who inhabit the biggest and most developed economy on the planet don’t engage in regular exercise.  258,400,000 people go on their day to day life sitting about doing fuck all and destroying their life quality in the process does that seem like a good idea to you?

Exercising is one of the few things in life that is literally win-win, it might not expand the length of your life you might be fucked from the outset due to your genetics but it will without question increase the quality of your life.  Is it normal for older people to not have proper mobility and to have fucked joints and hips right?  No, it’s normal for older people who don’t exercise to not have proper mobility and to have fucked joints.  Here is a 72-year-old man deadlifting 260.5kg while weighing less than 83kg, please tell me again how lifting weights is bad for your back you fucking cretin.

The average person gets up, goes to work, comes back watches shite TV which is a vehicle to sell them shit they don’t need and then go to bed later than they probably should, under sleep and then get up feeling like shit to go ahead and do it all over again.  If that’s your idea of a good time you are fucking welcome to it.

Habit 2 – Not understanding nutrition

Do you understand how many calories you need to maintain your bodyweight and how you can manipulate this variable to increase or decrease your body mass?  If what I am saying is flying over your head then, please do some reading on the subject and start to track your calories for a period of time because you are currently extending zero control over probably the most important factor for your health and well-being within your control.

When I was 16 I wanted a six pack so during the summer I trained my fucking ass off in the gym for 3-4 hours at a time, I made myself sick on quite a few workouts because I was smashing my pan in.  I seen no results, because I didn’t understand nutrition I was eating like a fat man, and I looked like a fat man as a result.  It’s a massive pain point for so many people and something they could gain control over if they would only understand what they were putting in their mouths on a day to day basis and the effect it was having on their body composition.

It wasn’t until I was 19 that I discovered the basics of nutrition and how empowering it is to be in control of what you put into your body and the effect it has on your bodyweight and appearance.  The old bodybuilding adage goes “you can’t out train a bad diet” and it’s correct if you want to lose weight it’s not diet and exercise its diet you need to learn how to control.  Once you understand calories and how to control them everything from a body composition standpoint will fall into place.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to go to the effort of understanding one of the basic tenants of life that literally keeps you alive than by all means sleepwalk your way to obesity and an early grave.

Conceptual Books

Habit 3 – Not Reading

This I do not understand, one of the greatest things that humans have ever discovered or invented was the ability to put thoughts down onto paper and more recently into the recorded work or video.  Ideas from thinkers like Aristotle or Epicurious men and thinkers who lived thousands of years ago can be downloaded from audible and you can listen to their stream of consciousness from your smartphone.

Audiobooks are such a blessing, no matter who you are or what your schedule is you can expand your understanding of pretty much any topic known to man as you go for a walk or take a shit.  Another saying I like is that “you are a mixture of the books you read and the people you spend the most time with”.

On average people who read more tend to have a higher education and income now it’s not to say that this is a result of their reading but I wouldn’t bet against it.  If you don’t expose yourself to new ideas on a regular basis how are you meant to grow and further yourself as a person?  Books if it’s ebooks, audio books or regular old paperback books are probably the best way to expose yourself to these ideas.  Only small minded fools aren’t open to exposing themselves to new ideas and challenging their own beliefs and ideas, the human ego is a delicate thing and most people will go out of their way to protect it.  Being “normal” is cancer to developing yourself as a person and growing intellectually.

Habit 4 – Discounting the fringes of society such as drugs or experimental experience because it’s not “normal”

So many things that are left of field to people’s intuition get pushed to the side as something that you should never do are that aren’t cool to try or do.  People rob themselves of many different experiences such as mind-altering drugs because they are “really bad for them or dangerous” and then go out on a night out chin 20 units, pay 200 quid for the pleasure, throw up over themselves, get in a fight or shit their pants.  Suffer for 48 hours afterwards and then look back lustfully at their “great night out” but if someone does some steroids they are below them, are you for fucking real?

I mean are you going to tell me that the two biggest killers when it comes to drugs, alcohol and tobacco are alright to do because it is “normal” but doing a bit of weed, getting on a gains cycle or dropping some E is to be frowned upon?  What kind of thought process is that, where are you getting your ideas from other than sucking it from the rancid ass of mass media as it slides out of the idiot box.

I was a terrible skateboarder, like hilariously shit but that is beside the point kids in my town would take the piss out of me for doing a hobby, you’d get called skater freak or whatever because it was different.  It was fine to go to some small corner of town get fucking wasted on cheap ass cider and get finger blasted by some loser, that was cool.  Teenagers are fucking morons and adults aren’t much better.

Rather than just thinking that’s bad that he or she is doing that or living that lifestyle have a fucking look in the mirror and maybe do a bit of house cleaning first.

Habit 5 – Watching lots of TV

 TV is, without doubt, my least favourite thing, I do like watching shows like Game of Thrones or other forms of escapism.  Services like Netflix and Amazon that are on demand and available when you want it I think are great.  However, the 400 channels of inane fucking shite delivered to millions of households every day 24/7 is a horrendous invention and something in my opinion that needs to go away.

Most people have the internet or have enough disposable income and health to do what they want with their free time.  They might not be able to fuck off to the Maldives for a week at the drop of a hat but most people have the health to go and work out, to read a book, catch up with friends or access the COMPLETE KNOWLEDGE OF HUMANITY VIA THE INTERNET.  And they chose to sit down in front of a medium they have no control over and mindlessly flick through 400 streams of bullshit and advertising till they find something a bit less shite like holy oaks…. ARE YOU FUCKING MENTAL?

And they chose to sit down in front of a medium they have no control over and mindlessly flick through 400 streams of bullshit and advertising till they find something a bit less shite like holy oaks…. ARE YOU FUCKING MENTAL?

You literally are sitting dying in front of a light emitting box for hours at a time and not learning, developing relationships, becoming fitter or furthering yourself in any fucking way what so ever and this is how you are going to choose to spend the 4-6 hours a day of free time that you have.  Talk about a waste of life.

In the next part of this article, I will discuss the next 5 habits of normal people you should think about doing the direct opposite of.


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