Strength Training – Things worth considering.

Why does every one feel the need to down some kind of powder or pill when they can’t even eat the correct food three times a day?

I made a video post on this topic in the non distant past I have decided to write some more on it as it is a topic I find myself butting up against both in life and more so on the internet and forums.  Of all the things you have control over the kind of supplementation stratagem you are implementing is very far down the list!  To add some objective measures to this article I am going to link to some scientific abstracts which I will discuss in brief in this article I will discuss factors I consider to be more important and show why this might be the case also I will discuss in brief some supplementation “must dos” and why they are infact may as well nots.  Here comes the science bit concentrate.


One night’s sleep can have a profound decrement on your ability to perform the next day.


We put it in our mouths but how much attention do you actually pay to the amount of food you eat (calorie content), the amount of macro-nutrients in your diet (carbohydrates, protein and fat in grammes).

Psychological Routine.

In my experience this is a huge factor for most lifters or athletes who compete at a reasonable level in a physiological or motor control sport, when the fine margins matter your own head can make it a good or terrible  session.

Common Supplementation Strategies you may want to question.

Hopefully this article has shed some light on why I always advocate that a person pays attention to their training, diet and lifestyle factors long before they even consider looking at supplementation strategies.