Squat Template

To take a break from my usual research based jibber jabber I am making a quick update to throw up another squat routine to add to the other 1000 on the internet. This is a template that I stole from a lifter at our gym (Daniel Macura) with an added rep day. Daniel went from a 210kg to a 270kg back squat in the space of 8 months using this simple systematic approach.
Proof is in the pudding, daniel’s 230kg squat at the Scottish Seniors September 2010.
Daniel in December 2010 +60kg to his best in less than 8 months.
The rep day follows a traditional “summated micro cycle” approach using 3 up one down as far as loading goes (medium heavy – heavy – very heavy – medium). Below is a copy of the template for a lifter with a 100 kg personal best on the squat.
I myself started this template 4 weeks ago and have hit numerous PBs already and was using my old 1RM for 2×2 last week.
Here is a link to a spreadsheet version of the template just plug in your best squat and plug away.
One note try and have the Heavy day (2×1, 2×2) and rep day (3×5) 3 days apart in the week (Monday-Thursday/Tuesday-Friday and so on).