Shove your motivational quotes up your arse

This will be one of my shall we say more opinionated posts on this website but I feel the need to post something about it.  Motivation isn’t gained by watching someone achieve something or by reiterating the words spoken by someone who you admire or who has achieved what you want to achieve.

Real motivation is intrinsic it comes from within not enough people on the periphery of the health and fitness world understand this.  What drives someone to deliberately undereat and exercise whilst in a calorie deficit isn’t because they want to have a six pack.  It is they desire it more than anything else that is the reason why they don’t break down when the weather is sunny and their friends are out having some beer enjoying the sun they desire the outcome of looking good on stage more than they desire the feeling of social interaction and momentary joy that a cold beer on a warm day brings.


Dogs DESIRE Food.

If you don’t desire that outcome then you’re not going to achieve it, that is no bad thing but please refrain from reiterating nonsense driveled onto a monochrome picture by someone with the intellectual ability of a bouncey ball.

No excuses.

This is the one that actually makes me want to jump through my computer screen and collectively asphyxiate to death anyone who has ever posted this crap.  Excuses aren’t a manifestation of someone being lazy or just not committing enough to their goal it is their desire winning over from their wants.

only dreams

Want is a superficial nice to have it’s something you think would be good or pleasing to achieve to have but it isn’t something you truly desire or want.  Truth is most people desire short term reward, they desire the good feeling of eating pizza or watching their favourite TV show.  They might take some time out to try and achieve their wants.

They might start to jog 2-3x a week, they might start to read instead of watch TV every second night you can guarantee though without a doubt they will be sitting on their ass eating dominos pizza and watching TV with in 2 weeks.

This isn’t a bad thing! If that is what makes you happy and you’re fulfilling your wants then more power to you.  Don’t let the narcissistic assholes with eating disorders get to you, no one is posting motivational pictures or videos about spending time with your kids doing things you enjoy one of which might be watching Jersey shore and eating pizza.  Don’t let the actions of someone else influence your desires, want and needs.  Fuck them.


If your not happy, if you’re truly not happy then realise you need to learn to desire the change you want.  It’s not a superficial process of saying you want to lose weight or get strong or whatever.

You need to learn to desire it more than you want to spend time with your friends, more than you want to buy a nice new dress, more than having a few beers.  This is a process of change, fundamental character change and it is a process that is not addressed by posting some bullshit endorsing people with body image issues or exercise addictions.

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