Scottish Open 2013

We got there for 10.50 weighed in at 100.5 and was ready to go pretty stress less experience.

There were 40 lifters in a tiny venue so everyone knew we were going to be in for a long day. It was ran in 3 flight so it worked like

Group 1 – warm up then squat

Group 2 – Warm up when group 1 are squatting then squat

Group 3 – Warm up when group 2 are squatting then squat

Group 4 – Warm up when group 3 are squatting then bench 


Which actually worked really well we were finished for 5.30PM which is much earlier then I thought we would manage.

Spent the first 90 mins of the day helping the two female lifter we brought and big Ali on there squats so that helped to pass the time and enjoyed it loads. Andy and Nick took over coaching duties from there and did a great job. 

Squat Warm Ups

bw squats / mobility

bar x 5

60kg 2×3

100kg x 2

140kg x 2

180kg x 2 (wobbly but strong)

Belt On 

200kg x 1 (again a bit wobbly but feeling snappy)

220kg x 1 (good speed)


First Attempt – 240 kg – good lift (really easy squat / neil really helped with his ear twisting technique! was getting me riled up good)

Second Attempt – 250kg – good lift (again felt pretty easy was thinking maybe 5kg more but decided to stick to the plan).

Third Attempt – 260kg – missed it out of the hole knew it wasn’t going to go. Good job I got Ali, Nick and Neil to spot me as they took it as soon as I said take it and saved my back from snapping in 2.

Bench Press

Warm Ups

bar 2×10

60kg x 3

60kg feet up – 10 bottom half – 10 top half – 5 full

110kg x 2 

140kg x 2

160kg x 1 (trying old arch)

160kg x 1 (trying new set up)

160kg x 1 (trying new set up with belt)

Decided from people telling me which looked better that the new set up was snappier and I was finding it much easier to get my feet flat so went with that.


First Attempt – 180kg – good lift easy enough

Second Attempt – 192.5kg – fail someone from the crowd shouted up so I just pressed it and missed the command. My head was up as well too which would have failed me the lift anyway : 

Third Attempt – 192.5kg – Good lift


Getting to this stage I was absolutely shattered could barely think straight but I was in good spirits so just bashed on.

100kg x 2

140kg x 2

180kg x 2

220kg x 1

Belt On

250kg x 1 


270kg – Good lift – easy smooth pull but not feeling particularly snappy.

280kg – fail – supporting the weight on my thighs? not sure but pretty gutted not to get it as it stopped me advancing my total.

280kg – Good Lift – Decent enough attacked it from the floor more and made the lock out easier.

722.5 kg Total (+22.5 kg comp PB) – 438 wilks

Came second overall to an Equipped 93 lifter who did the same total and won best lifter. Not normally one to gripe but the trophy was a cool whiskey glass and there was no prize for best unequipped and best equipped lifter felt a bit robbed to be honest.

Overall good day out and great to get more lifters from Edinburgh on the Platform was genuinely amazing to see more girls compete on the day.  Would like to see the numbers keep growing as it adds a nice dimension to the comp and makes it a bit more worthwhile for the women who do compete.

Ali went 300 / 160 / 320. He was unlucky to get his third bench attempt of 180 failed. They failed it for heel lift I pretty much knew he was going to fail from the outset… Still good performance and much more to come.

Cat and Vic did awesome for their first run out loads of PBs and handled the nerves really well.

Yusef did good and is always game to have a go but he needs to sort his training out but got plenty of potential.

Big thanks to Laura, Andy and Nick for coming to show their support and helping out with coaching and loading (lol). Really do appreciate you all coming I know powerlifting is boring but having some support really does help.