Scotland’s Strongest Man u105

Got back from this comp today was an awesome experience really well ran and everything that is good about strength sports. Below are vids of me and my training partner Nick Foxall 18 and full on beast mode. I will attach a full write up of the event.

Sunday 8/5/2011

Scottish Strongest Under 105

Weighed in at 104.9

First even Overhead medaly

105kg Log – Bit of trouble but managed it easy enough in the end
60kg Dumbbell – Easy Enough
105 kg Axel – Made it bit of trouble in the clean but got it. (+15 kg PB)
100kg Barrell – Lapped it but was too unfamilar to press called it here.

Not sure of position but was mid pack.

Second Event Silver Dollar Deadlift

270kg – Easy
310kg – Easy
330kg – Not too bad (+ 20kg PB)
350kg – Close but couldn’t lock it

Somewhere mid pack again.

Third – 320 kg Yoke for 24 m (turn @ 12)

Got it 7 or so meters was very strange first time trying yoke not as easy as it looks!

Break for 15-20 mins

Fourth – Farmers 12 m for max

120 kg – Decent even pace
130 kg – same
140 kg – started to get heavy in the hands still good (+10 kg PB)
150 kg – steady (+20 kg PB)
160 kg – Started to have to dig in but got it (+30 kg PB)
170 kg – Really difficult to keep from wobbling still managed it (+40 kg PB) Scottish record for 105 I think.

1st place fucking chuffed.

Deadlift Hold

300kg – 28 seconds pathetic really.

last or second to last.


110kg – Easy enough (+20kg PB)
120kg – Got it but harder (+30 kg PB)
130kg – Lapped it and stood up half way with it just too heavy for the time.

Bottom middle I think.

Finished 8th overall and really enjoyed myself everyone was sound as and andy runs a first rate comp. Will defo be back.