What to do with all this rest? Some ideas for things you can do in between sets other than talking shit or looking at facebook.



If your training for maximal strength and power that means you have to be fresh for your sets… so obviously that means after a set I can sit around for 10-15 mins talking to my training buddies and looking at my mobile phone…?  I’ve done it, most of you have probably done it but doing nothing in your rests is somewhat of a huge missed opportunity.  There is a whole host of niggly annoying shit that we can do as lifters or athletes in between sets that can either add to our recovery, make us healthier movers or save some time down the line.

1 – Foam Roll and Stretch

The first and most obvious use of your time in between sets is to jump on a foam roller or grab a resistance band and stretch out what ever is tight or any particular areas you need work.  If you are taking 3 minuites between sets you can easily give 3 body parts a good stretch and roll out.  More mobility should lead to better lifting positions, foam rolling has also been shown to acutely increase strength, power and speed.

2 – Perform that rehab.

If you carrying a niggle or an injury it is extremely important to carry out the corrective and strengthening exercises that have been prescribed to you if you have seen a health care professional such as a physiotherapist but it can be annoying and cumbersome to do them in your spare time or at home.  Well guess what you’re currently in a gym doing nothing so fucking get on with it!

3 – Get some cheeky prehab or tekkers done.

If you are a sports player who needs to work on their single leg control or lifter who is working on improving your snatch technique grab an empty bar or a space/bosu and get practicing all of those 2-3 minute gaps here and there will soon add up over the space of months or years.

4– Work on your weaknesses

Got a back made of glass? got glutes that couldn’t extend a paper clip?  Use this down time to do some extra strengthening work for your major movers I can’t remember the last time someone regretted being too strong.

5 – Get your swole on.

Squatting? Want bigger arms? Chuck in some curls betweens sets to get some extra volume in on your weak muscle parts to help them grow and fill up your t-shirt.