Kirk "Captin Kirk" Kawoski

Kirk Karwoski is an American powerlifter. Kirk is a 7 time national champion and 6 time world powerlifting champion.[1] Kirk currently holds the International Powerlifting Federation world record in the squat of 455 kg.(1,003 lbs.) in the 125 kg. weight class.[2] Kirk is often known by his nickname “Captain Kirk”. Source: Wikipedia – 2011

Here is some training footage taken from https://basbarbell.blogspot.com/
During the Squat video he lifts 247.5 kg, 307 kg and 339 kg.
During the bench press he lifts – 102.5 kg, 182.5 kg, 202.5kg and 220 kg.
During the deadlift he lifts – 22k kg, 265 kg and 307 kg.
Hope you enjoyed watching some videos from one of the best American lifters to ever grace a powerlifting platform and hopefully if gives you the fuel you need to squat harder.  Credit to all copyright owners.