Kettle Bells by Storm the Beach

Here is quote I came across by a member of t-mag.com by the name of storm the beach he is responding to a thread on “kettle bells for powerlifting”. I’m posting this quote because I don’t think I could agree any more.

I am a fan of using every tool in the tool box in order to get bigger,stronger, and faster. My problem with kettlebells is that they have always been a busted tool. Kettlebells were huge in the early 1900’s then their popularity diminished until relatively recently. Why did this happen? Because they didnt work then and they dont work now. All of the “functional” training assholes brought them back as part of their “underground” and “hardcore” training programs. People are stupid. They see something they think is bright shiney and new and some guy with blonde hair and a tight tank top tells them swinging these scrotum shaped dumbells around is the magic bullet for everything theyve ever wanted to accomplish physically.

There was actually a study last year that said kettlebell training was mostly done with momentum due to how the bells are shaped. Also, the study said there was much more benefit using regualr dumbells with the same exercises because you CANT swing them. I dont know where I found that study but its out there somewhere.

Anyway, my opinion, kettlebells for powerlifting=waste of time. Odds are, the time spent swinging those things around could be much better spent perfecting technique or doing real conditioning.