IPF Classic 2012 – Competition Write Up

Friday 15/6/2012

IPF Classic -93kg Class


Got to the venue and weighted myself in on the scales came in at 93.2 which was a massive relief since I hadn’t had access to scales for 2 days and wasn’t quite sure where I was at.

Spent 10 or so minuites in the sauna had a cold shower then watched some of the girls who where lifting.

Weigh in – lot 22 so was second last to get weighed in came in at 92.8kg so good weight cut as far as timing and scale weight went. That was the worst part of the day over as far as I was concerned and I went to eat some food and get some water in me. Set my openers to 220/180/260 which I was thinking based on my training would be easy as…


Warm Ups

75kg x 5
125kg x 2
165kg x 1 (knew here I wasn’t gonna be up to much because I was seeing stars afterwards not really a great start…)
185kg x 1
Belt On
205kg x 1 


215kg – Three white lights. Caught a kink on the way out of the hole so knew I wasn’t going to be squatting anything huge. Matthew and Rhys suggested a 7.5kg jump so that’s what I took.

222.5kg – 2 whites one red. Had to fight through it but got my second attempt in not really much left got suggested a 5kg jump so took it.

227.5kg – three reds. Started to fight with it out of the hold but my back had had enough and couldn’t get through the sticking point. Three reds, on to the real event!

Bench Press

Warm Ups

70kg x 3 paused
100kg x 2 paused
140kg x 1 long pause (wasn’t the quickest off the chest)
140kg x 1 commands
160kg x 1 commands (not the fastest I have pressed 160)


175kg – 3 white lights – Took it down slower because in the week before I had found that taking it slow down and getting it high on my chest allowed me to take a good line and made the press a lot easier. However my elbows tucked on the way down so I knew I was in for a fight on the way up. Really hard press and it sapped what little energy I had.

180kg – 3 whites – dunked it to the chest, in a much better line but because of the dunk the bar took ages to settle and I got a pretty long pause, pressed through it but again sapped a lot of energy.

182.5kg – 3 reds – Got advised a 2.5kg jump which to be fair proved to be too much I had wanted to challenge for a bronze medal but I fucked my training and taper on bench so it wasn’t there anyway. Looking at my training I should have stuck to the 4 week blocks because I was improving steadily on it, trying to do a specalisation phase before the comp just peaked me 2 weeks in and then left my bench fucked for the next 3 weeks. 

I’m going to try a different approach to bench because I haven’t put in a competition performance that has matched my training since the British last year.


Warm Ups

70kg x 5
120kg x 3
170kg x 2
Belt On
200kg x 1
230kg x 1


260kg – Three Whites – Such a hard lift, knew I was in bother when I got to lock out. Some of the lads watching where giving me some helpful advise on my position and how they thought I could improve upon my pull, some of which I will look to implement going forward.

270kg – three reds – Back strength just wasn’t there on the day don’t know if it was because of the failed squat grind or the last 2kg of the cut that smashed my deadlift ability.

270kg – three reds.

662.5kg Total – 416 wilkies – 16 th Place out of 22

Overall got to be happy with my performance even though it was way below what I think I am capable of producing I had been thinking – 240/190/280 ball park was more than achievable based on my training and weight loss but apparently that was pie in the sky.

I am going to solidify myslef at a 94-96kg Bodyweight and work at getting better at a steady weight, jumping up and down has done me little good over the past 2 years other than get me good gym lifts when I am heavier. I put on a lot of good size and strength but I can’t replicate my performances when it matter in competition so whats the point.

I have a plan for training going forward for the next 3 months and am fired up to improve on what I have done.

The competition itself was amazing, really great experience and gives me a lot of hope for the sport going forward. The judging, production and organisation was phenomenal for this competition and the standard of lifting was by far in a way much higher than anything I have ever witnessed in the flesh.

I really think this competition is going to help grow raw powerlifting globally and expect the British unequipped to become very difficult to win and am expecting a very difficult fight at any weight class I end up in.

Just looking forward to getting back into training now.