G.T.S.D. how your new year resolution can be to change your philosophy.

Watch and listen some people will see a jacked guy talking crazy I see a man who knows what training boils down to.  I write at nausea about keeping it simple and just worrying about the things that matter, CT Fletcher puts what I’m trying to articulate in a much better package short, direct and to the point.

What does G.T.S.D. stand for?

Get the shit done.

Don’t ask questions, don’t worry about what your eating, don’t worry about how you can better programme your leg day into your week.  Stop asking the hows, the whys and the ifs.  Get your self in the gym and start achieving your goals.

You want to bench 150 kg and your best is 130.  What’s your best with 120kg? 5 reps right get your ass on the bench and do it for 6.

But it doesn’t work like that!

How do you know that have you tried, did you get down on the bench and try add some reps to your personal best performance?  If you haven’t I don’t want to hear a word from your mouth get your self down the gym and try again!

People can talk all the nonsense they want but when it comes down to brass tacs all that matters are your actions.  You can talk all the shop you want with others but until you are trying your hardest to achieve your goals your not going to get anywhere.

How can I best G.T.S.D. not to sound too much like a self help guru but here is a three step plan to achieve your goals in life and in the gym.

  • Identify your goal
  • Find out the steps you need to take to achieve your goal

Steps one and two are useless with out step three, if you don’t take action you will go nowhere and will continue to go nowhere.  Random non planned action will get your much further than detailed non action.

A lot of the progress I see with people is down to the fact that I believe in people’s ability to do better every time they come in the gym.  It doesn’t always pan out but if it works 1 time in 10 it will work a lot better than constantly not trying to do better.

I am deliberately talking in broad strokes because if all you take away from this little passage is that in the new year that action is better than the best laid plan I will have achieved my aims.

The 180 kg Squat programme.

In 2010 I had a metal block when it came to squatting 180 kg it was my nemesis every time I went to lift it the voices of doubt would start rearing their shitty little heads.

I decided that the way to overcome the problem was the following.

Monday – Wednesday – Friday my work out would be

Warm up

Spend 60 minutes doing as many reps with 180 kg as I could manage.

That was it in all of it’s crazily perodised glory the results?

In 4 weeks I went for beingable to do 180 kg for 3 reps to doing it for a set of 7.

Fucking rocket science y’all

Most people let the voices of doubt and criticism rule their mental world.  Silence them practice some self believe and go after what you want.  If you want to bench 220kg naturally then fuck it go after your goal, almost every one will tell you it can’t be done that you will not achieve what you set out to do but trust me you are better off not listening to those people.

Yeah you might fall short of your adventurous target but you will be much better off than when you started trust me on that.

So in the new year you can tell yourself to worry about the detail when it’s needed, forget about the obstacles in your way.

Work out What you Want

Work out the steps you need to take

but most importantly.

Get The Shit Done