Fat Loss for a Moron – How a fat lifter got shreddy (diary week – 1).


So we are of a safe enough distance away from the new year that I think I can post this and not come across like an attention seeking new year vulture trying to get the attention of all the poor out of shape folk looking for an easy way to get into shape.

What I want to do is to demystify the weight loss process not only for myself but for others. If you want to keep a track of my strength training and general exercise you can follow my log on the forums.

I am going to be following the most basic weightloss regieme I have ever tried I’m am going to go for the…. *drum roll* eating less approach.

Using the myfitnesspal app I am going to track my daily calorie intake shooting for a 500 kcal deficit day to day which should hopefully see me with some decent and consistent fat loss.

I am currently following a very volume heavy programme for powerlifting that I have dreamt up and if It works I will be realising it in a more structured and complete way, if it doesn’t work I might end up injured! Who knows I will log every thing on the forums.