Ed Coan / Phillipi Deadlift Routine

Ed Coan considered by many to be the greatest of all time (G.O.A.T.) powerlifter has a few routines kicking around the internet but one of the most popular is his 11 week deadlift cycle.

Ed coan had a best deadlift of 409 kg and a best total of 1110 kg in the 100 kg category.  The cycle is designed to result in a 10 to 25 kg personal best after 10 weeks of training.

Some video of Ed Coan

It involves heavily the use of speed work to get in lots of pulling volume as well as some brutally heavy sets at the start of the workout.  The circuit should be performed with the exercises suggested or with assistance you can make work with you gym set up or that you feel works best for your pull.  I would advise doing as write however to try and get the best results.

This isn’t a novice routine so if you haven’t been pulling consistently heavy in your training for at least a year I would encourage you to look at a more volume based approach.

Enter your personal best and begin your deadlifting programme!

You can find this work out and more in our calculators section of the website.  We plan to add much more over time.