Chicken and Pepper Pizza Salad (low carb friendly)

1kg Chicken Breast
3 Peppers
100g Mozzarella
Fijita Spice Mix
Barbacue Sauce
Olive Oil
Herbs du province
Chop Chicken into large bitsize pieces
Chop peppers into strips
Place Chicken in Bowl
Mix through – 5-6 tbl spoons olive oil, Fijita spice mix, Pepper, Salt and Herbs mix well with hands
Heat Grill
Place Chicken on base of grill
Place Pepper on top
Close and let chicken cook through
Heat oven to 180c
Foil up a baking tray
Place chicken and peppers on foil
Throw over mozarella cheese
Cook for 4-5 mins till Cheese is melted
When done generously drizzle over Hot sauce and Barbacue sauce
Eat with fork and place in your mouth hole.
Protein – 250g+, Kcal – 1400-1500kcal ish, carbs <30g, Fat - I dunno lol