All filler no Thriller.

I get to see a lot of different programmes throughout my week written by multiple people of various experience bases and I find myself more often than not scratching my head.  It’s a favorite topic of mine on this blog but I do really think it bear repeating over and over again.  The process of getting stronger and faster for what ever sport play involves consistency, intensity, picking the right fights at the right times and being able to adapt to any situation.

The importance of exercise selection get over blown everywhere I look people manage to get results using all kinds of different approaches to point where I think it is pretty much imaterrial what you do as long as you do it well.  You can make weightlifting, powerlifting or “sports” specific exercises the main stays of your porgramme and get better as long as you bring  the right attitude to the gym.

Far too much attention get’s payed to nuance and not enough attention get’s payed to the things that make or break success.  How do you get your athlete’s motivated to push themselves past the brink?  How do you build good personal relationships with you athletes so they will go the extra mile for you? What are the main stays of your programme and why are they there?

These are the things that make a difference.

Wither you spend 30 minutes doing a full dynamic warm up, take you fish oils, foam roll these things are just going to aid you if you have the big picture right, but first of all you should really be concentrating on getting the big picture as correct as possible.