5 Things at the moment that make my life more worthwhile.

1 – Google Drive

I am going to have to admit I am a fan boy of the whole googles ecosystem (gmail, youtube, blogger et al) but drive is really something.  I use it to store studies, e-books that I can read on any tablet or smartphone that I have my hands on at the time.  I can write and share programmes, word documents, presentations.  It can output them as a Microsoft office document or as another file type.  It really is awesome.  All for the grand monthly subscription of sweet FA.

Drop box is a fairly similar solution as regards storage but Google offers so much more flexibility and the fact that it is open to use by anyone on any platform makes me like it even more.

2 – Doggcatcher Podcaster for android

If you don’t listen to podcasts you should, there are tens of thousands of them all on subjects so niche you might not have thought they existed.  Regardless of what your into there is probably a podcast on it.  I haven’t found a lifting related podcast that hasn’t annoyed or bored me yet but here are a couple you can start on.

https://www.littleatoms.com/ – a podcast about ideas and culture
https://www.twis.org/ – A weekly (when they update it!) review show on science.
https://www.dancarlin.com/disp.php/hh – a topical history podcast.

Doggcaster will automatically download and update feeds when they go live all you need do is listen it’s a great way to get through a boring walk, foam roll or stretch.  Speaking of which…

3 – Trigger point foam roller

Colour me converted, I have recently been picking up tightness through my right hip flexor and lowerback but 5 or 10 minuites spent on this thing causing myself pain has loosened it off significantly.  It’s still not as effective as good hard massage but it’s a damn sight more fesable for a non professional athlete.

4 – Frozen Berries and Cream

I have moved back to a low carb diet and let me tell you that the combination of cream and berries can do a lot to throw back any sweet cravings or any worries you might have about still getting in your calories.  I normally would have the following –

250g of quark, 100 ml of cream and 200-250g of berries.
Rough macros – 700-1000 kcal, 30-35g protein, 15-20g crabs (10ish fiber), 35-40g of fat.
It’s delicious, cheap and filling. 
5 – Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm
I have been a gamer for much longer than I have been a lifter and Starcraft 2 has to be one of the best pick up and play experiences I have yet to try on any platform.  Heart of the swarm doesn’t add a hell of a lot in terms of unit’s to the multiplayer experience but the new tweaks to the user interface make it a much more user friendly experience in my opinion.
It is still wickedly difficult to multi task when the game starts to get hectic but the challenge makes it more rewarding.  If your looking for a new game or something to kill 10 mins or 12 hours on then I highly reccomend this.