2011 Commonwealth Championships

Friday 16/12/2011

3.45am start so I could get my 5am bus to london. After 10 hours I got a 3 hour bus to Bournemouth. Checked in at my hotel, had a shower and went to bed.

Saturday 17/12/2011

Commonwealth Championships


Lot number 1 so I was first to get weighed in after my equipment check. Weighed in at 103.9 kg.

Spent the next 2 hours eating and re hydrating, probably too much liquid too soon since I was literally peeing out of both ends.

9.30am – Start to warm up for Squat.

bar 2×10
60kg x 3
100kg x 2
150kg x 2
180kg x 1 (pretty fast)
200kg x 1 (still reasonably fast bit of a kink on the way up)
Belt on

Attempt 1 – 220kg – Three Whites – easy rep and glad to get first lift out of the way.

Attempt 2 – 240kg – Three Whites – caught a pretty bad kink on the way up and had to fight like hell for lock out got it also +5kg Comp PB wooo.

Attempt 3 – Pass.

Bench (all reps paused)

Warm Up

bar 2×10
60kg x 5
100kg x 3
140kg x 2
165kg x 1


Attempt 1 – 175kg – 2 Whites 1 Red – Surprisingly hard had to fight through the middle dunno what the red light was for.

Attempt 2 – 185kg – 3 reds – had to reset my feet to get them flat so ended up forgetting to ask for the bar lol, got it off my chest but lost the line so couldn’t lock it.

Attempt 3 – 185kg – 1 white 2 reds – much faster to the chest got it off easy after press command and fought through to lock out. Arse must have came off the bench since I got 2 reds from the side judges but never felt it anyway not meant to be.


60kg x 5
120kg x 3
170kg x 2
220kg x 2
250kg x 1 (not great)

Belt on


Attempt 1 – 270kg – 3 whites – Pretty slow but solid enough.

Attempt 2 – 282.5kg – 3 reds – got it moving but not enough speed to take it past my knees.

Attempt 3 – 282.5kg – 3 reds – Same again need to make deadlift a priority next year.

Total – 685 kg, 1st Place in the Senior Category.

Wasn’t happy with my performance on the day but it will make for a good learning experience.