Having worked as a strength and conditioning coach with the Scottish institute of sport for over five years.  Marc has experience working with people from all abilities.  Marc has worked with populations including elderly adults who have just started exercising for the first time right through to Commonwealth and Olympic medallists.  Marc has a accrued a wealth of experience working with sports he has coached athletes who have represented both Scotland and Great Britain at international (European and world championships), Commonwealth games and Olympic games in the following sports.

  • Rugby Union
  • Athletics (long jump, hammer throw, 100 and 200 meter sprints)
  • Judo
  • Cycling (track sprint and endurance)​
  • Triathlon
  • Hockey (men and women’s)​
  • Football (women’s able body and cerebral palsy mens)​
  • Swimming (able body and paralymic)  ​
  • Basketball (men’s and women’s)​
  • Winter sports (Down hill skiing, cross country skiing, figure skating and curling) ​
  • Powerlifting (able bodied and paralympic)​
  • Archery and shooting.​
  • Women’s Pentathlon
  • Sailing
  • Rowing
  • and many more at developmental and novice levels.​

​Marc hails from Limavady Co.Derry where he started his sport career playing Rugby Union for Limavady Grammar and Sprinting 100 m and 200 m at a National level.  After High School Marc went on to study his undergraduate Degree at the University of Central Lancashire (2004 to 2007) where he continued to play Rugby Union for the Preston Grasshoppers but also took up the sport of Rugby League

After his undergraduate degree Marc moved to The University of Edinburgh to study his postgraduate degree in strength and conditioning, due to work commitments and study Marc could not continue his sporting career with rugby so he took up the sport of powerlifting in 2008.


As an athlete Marc’s passion lies very much in strength sports he has been a competitive power lifter for 5 years and has competed in both weightlifting and strongman.  Some of the accolades Marc has collected as an athlete include.

  • ​2012 IPF World Raw Championship Team member for Great Britain (93 kg class)
  • British Bench Press Record – Unequipped 93 kg and 105 kg open class
  • Scottish Powerlifting Records in Total (105 kg class) and Bench Press (93. 105 and 120 kg class)
  • Great British Raw Powerlifting Champion – 2011 (105 kg class, silver medal 2010 100 kg class)​
  • Scottish Raw powerlifting Champion – (105kg class 2011, 201, Silver medal 2010 in 90 kg class)
  • Scottish Weightlifting Open 2011 – Silver Medal 105 kg clas
  • ​Scottish Farmers Walk Scottish Record holder (340 kg – 12 meters in the 105 kg class)

​As a coach Marc also takes great pleasure in working with strength athletes of all levels and abilities during his time as an amateur strength coach Marc has dealt with athletes who compete in the sports of powerlifting (equipped and unequipped), weightlifting and strongman.  Athletes who have trained with or under Marc have achieved the following strength milestones.

  • Raw ​Squat – 300+ kg (2 athletes), 250+ kg (9 athletes), 200+ kg (10 athletes), 180+ kg (14 athletes) 140+kg (numerous)
  • Raw Bench – 200+ kg (6 athletes), ​150+ kg (10 athletes), 120+ kg (numerous)
  • Raw Deadlift – 300+ kg (4 athletes), 260+ kg (10 athletes) 220+ kg (15-20 athletes), 180+ (numerous) .

​Marc’s passion is and always will be improving people’s physical performance regardless of their level, it is his goal to make those who deal with him better at what they do regardless of what that is.​​